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“I can’t imagine life without my level of activity”

“Obsessive” is the word Andrea uses to describe herself, and proudly. Andrea runs four times a week in training for short races as well as marathons, plays racquetball regularly, and also does yoga—admittedly, turning the last into a sport in its own way. “I have such a competitive nature, that I like to test how strong I am using yoga—to see if I can persevere under the strain of holding poses for long periods of time.”

Despite decades of full-force activity, however, Andrea recently experienced an unexpected hurdle. “Running always came naturally and easily for me. I qualified for the Boston marathon on my first try. But when I was picking up racquetball, I began getting terrible blisters on my feet, which I’d never experienced with running. I changed shoes, socks, nothing helped—my improvised solution was to train even harder, to callous the blisters more quickly. Obviously, that wasn’t really a solution. So I knew, by reputation, that TRIA was the place to deal with this problem.”

The athletic trainers at TRIA were able to quickly identify the issue with Andrea’s feet: it wasn’t that she was overtraining, but the way she was moving. “I was actually overusing the muscles in my quads,” recalled Andrea. “I was putting too much pressure on my feet, and underusing muscles that could help. My athletic trainer identified an exercise program for me, strengthening the right muscles. I have training goals and never skip a run for any reason, so it was great to start feeling some relief from the blistering.”

Thanks to TRIA, Andrea was able to retrain her muscles to more evenly distribute the workload of her legs, and in turn take both of her sports to the next level. “I truly enjoy passing people on my running trails. My favorite is passing bikers. Anyone I see in front of me, my goal is to get in front of them. And if I pass everyone, I pick a point in the distance and try to get to it as quickly as possible. I was so worried my athletic trainer would tell me I needed to take a break from racquetball or racing, and I can’t imagine life without my level of activity.”

Next in her sights, beyond the slower-paced humans on her running trails: setting a personal record time at the next Boston Marathon. And like everything with Andrea, she’s headed directly toward that goal, full speed ahead.

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