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2015 Scholarly Activity Pages - TRIATRIA Research Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3). The Institute operates within TRIA Orthopaedic Center in Bloomington and is primarily financially supported through TRIA’s operations. The governing body meets approximately eleven times per year. The Institute oversees activity in research, patient reported outcomes, and education. Each area has its own goals, objectives, and tactics. Mission Statement: To advance orthopedic care for patients through innovative research and education and measure our performance with patient centered outcomes.

2015 TRIA Scholarly Activity Book


image-2016-previewIn 2015, we manage a balanced portfolio of both industry sponsored and investigator initiated research with a robust pipeline of future potential studies.  As of summer 2016, we have four active industry studies, five active investigator studies, and 16 studies in development or pending IRB approval. Among our 2015 achievements have been 815 patients enrolled in research studies, leading to 17 publications and 29 presentations. Our research goals are (1) to support innovation that enhances musculoskeletal care, (2) to increase the number of published articles, grant awards, and presentations by TRIA physicians, and (3) to optimize research processes to facilitate an increased demand in research studies. Stay tuned for the 2016 edition. 

TRIA Orthopaedic Center Research Institute – A Year in Review 


We collect patient centered outcomes as a quality measure so we can see how our patients are doing following common surgical procedures and so that we can improve the care we provide.  We are presently collecting data on eight diagnoses at baseline and identified follow-up intervals.  Current diagnoses include:  anterior cruciate ligament tear (knee), ankle fracture (ankle), rotator cuff tear (shoulder), distal radius fracture (wrist), hardware removal, knee replacement (knee), proximal humerus fracture (arm), and low back (spine).  Results from our outcomes program are updated annually and are published on our website. Our outcome goals are (1) to set the standard on patient reported outcome collection and management and (2) to enhance patient care by measuring, evaluating, reporting, and acting on patient specific outcomes.


TRIA provides educational opportunities for fellows, residents, medical students, and students in multiple medical educational programs to rotate in our clinic and surgery center.  Our BioSkills lab offers a simulated operating room environment for fellows, residents, and other health professionals to learn and refine their surgical skills. Our education goals are (1) to provide educational opportunities to the community in order to enhance musculoskeletal care, (2) to support BioSkills education of residents, fellows, surgeons, and other medical professionals, and (3) to advance orthopaedic education of students, medical students, residents, and fellows.

BioSkills Lab

TRIA’s BioSkills Lab is designed as cutting edge training facility to meet the need for training of surgeons and health care professionals. On average we hold 75 labs per year; 60% are industry while 40% are educational for fellows and residents.  From surgical procedure training to research development, TRIA’s BioSkills Lab is fully equipped to host your event.

Continuing Medical Education

TRIA is proud to offer numerous continuing education opportunities for medical professionals.

Clinical Rotations

TRIA provides clinical rotation opportunities for fellows, residents, medical students, and students enrolled in various other medical programs.


TRIA offers shadowing and observational opportunities for students interested in orthopedics. You must be at least 16 years old to participate in any observation at TRIA.

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