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Meet Brock Nelson from Team TRIA

TRIA is proud to sponsor Da Beauty League this year! As part of the sponsorship, one of the team is named after TRIA. It’s time to get to know captain, Brock Nelson!

When did you learn to skate?

I was probably a couple years old when my mom put me on roller blades inside the house on the carpet then I took it to the ice shortly after that.

Do you prefer to skate outdoors or in the area?
I think it’s fun skating outside. We don’t get to do that all that often with the season and everything going on for travel and scheduling but when you get to skate outside it’s pretty cool. It brings back fun memories especially growing up from a small town.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
Pretty standard, just a couple cups of coffee with a couple of the other guys. Tape my stick, do my normal warm up. Nothing too crazy.

Is there a reason behind your jersey number?
No. I never even picked it actually. When I went to college at North Dakota, they just gave me 29 and then every time I moved up they assumed I had picked it and just stuck with it.

What advice do you have for young skaters?
It’s about going out and having fun and playing all different sports. A lot of kids now are single sport athletes but I grew up playing a few and became more of a rounded athlete. I think that definitely helps transition into different things quicker.

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