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Hockey Goal, Ice Rink, Da Beauty League

Meet Mike Reilly from Team TRIA

TRIA is proud to sponsor Da Beauty League this year! As part of the sponsorship, one of the team is named after TRIA. It’s time to get to know Mike Reilly!

When did you learn to skate?
I learned to skate in my basement with my dad and my brothers, we’d skate on the carpet. It was basically when I started to stand I was skating around.

Do you prefer to skate outdoors or in the area?
Definitely outdoor. It’s great to be out there with your buddies

What’s your favorite hockey movie?

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
I tape my stick the same. Warm-up the same and at similar times, try to eat similar things. I’m pretty strict, but if I’m not feeling something I won’t do it just to do it. I’m a little superstitious about pre-game rituals but I won’t force it too hard.

Is there a reason behind your jersey number?
I grew up playing with number 4, and when I went to the Wild number 5 was taken, so I was four on the team

What advice do you have for young skaters?
Enjoy it and try to get outside as much as you can. Take time to shoot pucks down in your basement, having fun with your buddies. Try to have fun, work at it and watch a lot of hockey.

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