At TRIA, we offer a variety of programs to help ensure our patients return to their daily activities. Our programs are created to help patients with specific needs.

Hilton Recovery Program

The TRIA/Hilton Recovery Program gives patients the opportunity to have certain procedures that are normally done in a hospital setting performed in TRIA’s outpatient surgery center. The overnight surgery recovery takes place at the Hilton in a private room with personal nursing care, rather than a hospital. 

Pain Program

The Pain Program consists of fellowship trained physicians, physical therapists, and psychologists, offering the most current and effective medical interventions and therapies. They foster a supportive environment, using all available evidence and resources, to help patients increase function and reduce suffering.

Sport Concussion Program

Individualized, multi-disciplinary concussion care with an emphasis on safe return to sport is essential in the appropriate concussion care for athletes. 


TRIA Kids provides specialized musculoskeletal care for children of all ages. Our pediatric orthopaedic specialists are available to address a variety of pediatric musculoskeletal issues in a child-friendly environment.

TRIA Play Strong

TRIA Play Strong™ is designed to help individuals and teams implement current performance and injury prevention techniques into their training regimen to help prevent ACL injuries.


TRIA L.E.A.P.® (Lower Extremity Agility Program) is a six week training program designed to teach athletes to control their lower extremities using proper technique and form while performing high level activities after sustaining an injury.

Pilates Program

Pilates offers a system of exercise designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance movement awareness.

Running Program

TRIA’s Running Program is designed to assist all runners whether recreational or competitive in managing their current injuries and preventing future injuries.  We value a collaborative approach working together with physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers to deliver the care you need..

Cycling Program

TRIA’s Cycling Program is designed to assist recreational and competitive cyclists in managing their current injuries and preventing future injuries.

Aquatic Therapy Program

Aquatic Therapy uses water’s natural therapeutic properties; buoyancy, resistance and warmth, to create a gentler environment for exercise. Patients of any age or condition can benefit from exercise in water. It can be used independently or in conjunction with a land therapy based program.

Return to Throwing Program

TRIA offers a comprehensive Return to Throwing program designed to assist all throwers in managing their current and future injuries, which includes collaboration between your physician, physical therapist, and athletic trainer.


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