Pilates Program

Pilates Program

TRIA Physical Therapy offers Pilates, a system of exercise designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhance movement awareness.

Pilates as part of your Physical Therapy

In Physical Therapy, the Pilates basic principles, exercises and/or equipment can be used in varying degrees within your overall treatment plan. This may be a beneficial approach for you if:

  • You enjoy mind body work
  • Your goal is to return to Pilates after injury
  • You need extra focus and feedback for posture, shoulder blade or core stability
  • Other Physical therapy approaches have not helped you reach your goals
  • You received a recommendation from your physician

For more information, call 952-977-0480. To schedule an appointment with a TRIA Pilates Team provider, call 952-831-8742.

Pilates Team

Pilates Group Classes and Private or Pair Reformer Sessions

TRIA also offers group classes and private or pair reformer sessions through Integrative Health. This is a self-pay program and insurance is not billed for these services. Click here for more information.    



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