TRIA Rink - Minnesota Wild Practice Facility and Minnesota Whitecaps Home Ice

As an active woman, you’re probably familiar with the ups and downs of exercise. Some...

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Programs | February 14th, 2020

Three reasons learning about your period can help you perform your best

As an active woman, you’re probably familiar with the ups and downs...

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Conditions , Programs | November 14th, 2019

Turkeys, crafts and avocados: common hand injuries and how to avoid them

by Christina Ward, MD What do turkeys, crafts and avocados have in...

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Conditions , Programs | August 29th, 2019

Loose shoulders and hips? Here’s what you can do

by Caitlin Chambers, MD There are certain conditions women are more prone...

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kids walking into school wearing backpacks
Community , Programs | August 26th, 2019

Back to school? Here’s how you can shift your sleep schedule

by Nicholas M. Edwards, MD, MPH Transitions of schedule, such as from...

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Patient Story , Programs , Treatment | August 20th, 2019

A firefighter’s recovery

Kris always knew he wanted to be a firefighter. Growing up across...

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Community , Programs | August 12th, 2019

TRIA’s social story: giving kids courage for the clinic

When a child has a broken bone or another injury, getting an...

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