Elbow Fracture

An elbow fracture is a complete or incomplete break of the bones that make up the elbow:  one in the upper arm (the humerus) and two in the forearm (the radius and ulna).  Elbow fractures commonly occur from a direct blow to the elbow or a fall onto an outstretched arm.

Signs and symptoms of an Elbow Fracture may include:
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Visible deformity
  • Pain, stiffness and brusing
  • A pop or snap reported at time of injury
  • Weakness or numbness in the arm, wrist and hand

Use of a sling or splint may be prescribed by your physician while healing.


The physician may need to set the bone in order to correct alignment and regain functionality. A cast would then be necessary to immobilize the area and allow for healing.


Surgical intervention may be recommended depending on the severity of the fracture. The surgeon will make sure the bones are aligned properly and may secure them with plates, screws and/or pins.