Forearm Fracture

The forearm is made up of two bones, the radius and ulna, which can be broken from a fall or a direct blow to the forearm. When one or both of these bones are broken, it is considered a forearm fracture. These bones are the connection between the elbow and wrist, and are vital to the quality of movement of this area.

Signs and symptoms of an Forearm Fracture may include:
  • Pain, tenderness and swelling in the area
  • Deformity of the forearm
  • Possible open wound
  • Unable to turn or rotate forearm

In order to return the bone to correct alignment and regain functionality, the doctor may need to set the bone. A cast would then be put on to immobilize the region and allow for the bone to heal.


Surgical intervention may be recommended depending on the severity of the fracture. The surgeon will make sure the bones are aligned properly and may secure them with plates, screws and/or pins.