Groin Strain

An overstretching of the muscles on the inner aspects of the thigh attaching from the pelvis to the femur. Typical strains occur due to rapid movements to the side or jumps in hockey, football or gymnastics


Signs and symptoms of an Groin Strain may include:
  • Sudden onset of pain in the inner thigh region typically of the adductor muscle group resulting in a strain or muscle tear
  • Typically occurs typically when changing direction quickly or fast movements contribute to injury
  • Pain with walking and running
  • Tenderness to touching muscle
  • Discomfort at rest depending on degree of strain
Self Care

A doctor may suggest resting, icing, or compression

Physical Therapy

Manual therapy techniques to assist in gradual progression of muscle lengthening and home exercise program with progression muscle stretching and strengthening of injured muscle and other muscles surrounding the injured muscle to help prevent future injury; be careful with over stretching the muscle during acute phase as it may worsen symptoms


Anti-inflammatory medication can be used for pain relief