Hip Labral Tear

The hip joint consists of a ball and socket, which is lined with a cartilage padding called the labrum. The labrum stabilizes and cushions the joint, when this is torn from degeneration or traumatic injury, it can reduce the effectiveness of the labrum. The severity of the hip injury can range greatly, with some tears not even requiring treatment.

Signs and symptoms of an Hip Labral Tear may include:
  • Pain in the hip region or groin
  • Catching or locking feeling in joint
  • Sometimes there are no signs and symptoms

Most commonly anti-inflammatory medications are used to manage pain. A supplement such as glucosamine may also be recommended.


Corticosteroid injections to the affected portion of the hip can provide short-term pain relief and reduced inflammation in the joint, when medication is ineffective or not an option.

Physical Therapy

Certified Physical Therapists work closely with doctors to create an individualized program to maximize healing and restore function, strength and mobility.


Hip arthroscopy can be used as a surgical treatment, when conservative measures are not effective. This procedure involves repairing or cutting away the diseased portion of cartilage.