IT Band Syndrome

The Iliotibial Band starts in the hip and runs along the lateral aspect of the thigh and connects below the knee joint. This band is meant for providing stability at the hip and knee during athletic activities such as running. When supporting muscles are weaker, the ITBand will overwork as a compensation resulting in inflammation of the tissue.

Signs and symptoms of an IT Band Syndrome may include:
  • The most common area is localized tenderness 2-3 cm above the knee joint
  • May experience pain with slight knee bending such as going up or down stairs and getting in or out of a chair
  • Since the band starts at the hip and passes the knee, it is possible to experience ITBand syndrome at the hip as well

Initial treatment for IT Band syndrome is always conservative and nonsurgical. You will want to start with avoiding provocative activities, rest and ice to the affected area

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is also indicated to help with stretching of tighter structures and strengthening of the weaker hip muscles to help with retraining the body to avoid overuse of the IT Band in the future.