Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy

TRIA Bloomington offers small group and private yoga therapy sessions. Each session is designed to explore healing and look at restoring physical, mental and emotional balance in the body. Recognizing and making positive lifestyle changes will alter how you feel and move through life. Yoga therapy helps empower a sense of direction, balance and well-being.

Yoga therapy uses a number of techniques such as breath, body movement and meditation  to assist in self-healing. This is beneficial for all people, but especially those who have neck or back pain, Fibromyalgia, migraines, unmanageable stress, grief, heart disease, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis or chronic pain. All classes are virtual at this time. The Zoom link will be sent to your email 15-30 minutes before the start of the class.

Benefits of yoga therapy

  • Increase strength mobility and function 
  • Manage migraines stress and anxiety
  • Improve bone health
  • Recover from injury or surgery
  • Reduce chronic physical and/or emotional pain

What you should bring to class

  • Comfortable clothes you can move in
  • Yoga mat (extras available)

Yoga therapy at TRIA


    • Chair yoga

      This therapeutic adaptive exercise program promotes well-being through correct posture, breath and guided movements. It lengthens and stretches the body and allows for more awareness. In this class we will relax and rejuvenate your body and mind and improve flexibility and mobility. Whether you are a senior, someone who sits at a desk all day or struggles with chronic pain this class is for you. 

      Hatha yoga

      This active yoga class focuses on linking breath to movement to strengthen and balance the mind and body. Poses are performed in a sequence to prepare, challenge and then relax the body. Many poses are done standing with some weight-bearing on the hands. Modifications and props are offered.  This class is ideal for those with minimal physical limitations. No yoga experience required. 

      Therapeutic yoga

      A gentle yoga class with focus on breath, relaxation and stress relief. Slow, mindful movements using props such as blankets, chairs or blocks for comfort and support.  Most poses are done on the floor, with some standing poses. This class is great for beginners, people recovering from injury or who have persistent pain, those who want to learn fundamental movements and breathing, or yogis looking to balance their more intense workouts with slower-paced activity. 


      This approach to yoga focuses on guided breath and gentle, flowing movements adapted to each individual. Each class offers a welcoming space to discover the building blocks of self-transformation. 

      *Private Yoga Therapy can be scheduled in the format of a Living Well Consult through TRIA main line which is typically covered by insurance.  Click here to learn more.  Private sessions can also be scheduled through class schedule and prices are as follows: 


      Group class
      Single group class $15
      5-session group class $60
      10-session group class $120
      Private sessions
      Initial 3 private session pass
      *Includes: First session = 90 min (intake + yoga)
                          Second and third session = 60 min each (yoga)
      Follow-up 3 private session pass
      *Includes: First, second and third sessions = 60 mins each (Yoga)
    • Yoga instructors


      Class schedule

      Class Location

      TRIA Physical Therapy & Education Center

      3800 American Blvd. West
      Bloomington, MN 55431

      Follow signs to upper skyway level of Bell Plaza Parking Ramp for direct access to TRIA Physical Therapy and Education Center. Free parking is available in the Bell Plaza ramp.

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