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Maddie’s Story

At the young age of five years old, Maddie started playing what would quickly become her favorite sport— soccer. Ten years later, Maddie is a varsity club soccer player at Concordia Academy, and her favorite sport is both a passion and a year-round commitment.

About a year ago, Maddie experienced an injury that would force her to take her first real break from soccer. She was taking a shot with her left leg when her right leg buckled. Later she would find out she fractured her fibula, which is a long, thin bone in the lower leg.

Following the injury, Maddie and her mom went to a nearby clinic where she was eventually cleared to play again. However, the injury persisted, and Maddie continued to experience pain all throughout the summer.

A family friend referred Maddie to Heather Cichanowski, MD, sports medicine physician and medical director of Women’s Sports Medicine at TRIA. The switch to TRIA made all the difference in Maddie’s road to recovery. To her and her mom’s surprise they found out that the pain she had been experiencing was from a stress fracture, which meant yet another break from soccer.

“I enjoyed TRIA because I felt really cared for, and we got to dig deeper into what caused the injury in the first place,” Maddie says. “It made a huge difference for me to have a doctor and physical therapist that really understood being a competitive athlete and the emotions of having an injury and wanting to make the return to the field.”

Since coming to TRIA, Maddie has worked with physical therapist Jill Monson on a recovery plan that will get her back in the game. Together they’re focusing on long term healing, rather than a temporary quick fix.

“Jill helped me to see things realistically and always made me feel really cared for,” Maddie says. “The process has been a little slower than I hoped, but we are making progress. Jill always helped me to look at the healing process with the right perspective.”

With the help of her team at TRIA, Maddie has already been able to take part in some off-season practices. She’s hoping to be back fully in the new year, with the goal of being 100 percent for the kick off of spring club soccer season.  

TRIA’s physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers are here to help athletes like Maddie get back to the activities they love. To schedule an appointment with the Women’s Sports Medicine at TRIA team, call 952-831-8742. For injures that can’t wait, TRIA’s Orthopedic Urgent Care is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week in Bloomington, Maple Grove and Woodbury.

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