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Mike’s Story

For Mike Vogel, volleyball is a way of life. He plays locally and is a member of one of the most competitive adult volleyball teams: the USA Volleyball (USAV) Men’s Masters Open National Team. The USAV is an organized volleyball division for adults in various age brackets. Mike has traveled the world with his team, playing in Italy, Greece, New Zealand and all over the U.S. Unfortunately, like many athletes, Mike’s drive and intensity eventually caused some painful injuries.

About a year and a half ago, Mike began to experience serious pain in his knees. Mike is a middle blocker – a position that requires the ability to jump a lot. “I was at a place where I was not performing at the level I needed to. My legs were limiting the level I could compete at.”  

Mike decided to go to back to TRIA. Since he had been a patient before, he was confident TRIA would be able to treat his knee problems.

Mike initially met with sports medicine physician, Heather Bergeson, MD. She recommended physical therapy and administered several different injections. The shots didn’t lessen his pain very much and the physical therapy seemed to be ineffective as well.

After several months of little progress, Mike had a follow up appointment with Dr. Bergeson. She referred Mike to Elizabeth Arendt, MD, a knee specialist. Dr. Arendt recommended more specialized physical therapy work with physical therapist, Jill Monson, a former Division I middle blocker. Together, Mike and Jill began to recognize areas of muscular weakness and imbalance. Mike also worked with Greg Govrik, a physical therapist and an expert in dry needling. Greg and Jill teamed up to identify Mike’s other areas of weakness and imbalances in his legs and hips.

His physical therapy progressed from simple corrective exercises into more advanced conditioning. Mike was instructed on a comprehensive workout to better prepare his body for the intensity and demand of his on-court activities.

In May 2018, Mike concluded his physical therapy at TRIA just in time for the USAV Open Adult National Volleyball Championship in Dallas, Texas. Competing in two age brackets, Mike played two to three matches a day for six straight days. “I never felt any decline in my legs.”

Mike feels he can compete at a high level again. “Before this physical therapy process, I really was unable to do that. Greg and Jill really did an awesome job of getting down to the issue and developing a solution.”  Now, Mike is back on the volleyball court and is looking forward to his next tournament. 

To schedule an appointment with any of our sports medicine physicians, call 952-831-8742. For injures that can’t wait, our Orthopedic Urgent Care is open from 8 am to 8 pm seven days a week in Bloomington, Maple Grove, and Woodbury. Our physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers are here to help you get back to the activities you love.

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