Sport concussion

Sport concussion

At TRIA, we are committed to the comprehensive care of athletic injuries, including sport related concussions. The sport concussion program at TRIA is the only inter-disciplinary concussion program specializing in return to sport and physical activity in the region. Our team of specialists provide the best concussion care based on the most recent scientific research and evidence-based studies. The collaboration of physicians, neuropsychologists, physical therapists and athletic trainers all in one location, working together to develop individualized and active treatment plans for each athlete is one of the many unique aspects of the program. 

Serving athletes from the youth to professional level, we understand that no two concussions are alike. Our goal is to return athletes back to their academic, social and physical activities safely and as soon as possible. We provide immediate access for these patients understanding the impact this injury has on their quality of life.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is an injury to the brain that should be taken seriously. It is caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, neck, or body. The result is a temporary change in normal brain function. Symptoms usually occur immediately but sometimes can evolve over hours. A concussion may affect the way the brain processes information, emotions, behavior, balance, vision, memory and learning. Not all concussions involve loss of consciousness. 

Schedule your appointment

To schedule an appointment at our Bloomington, Woodbury or St. Paul locations call 952-831-8742. For more information about our program or to schedule ImPACT testing, call our Sport Concussion Team at 952-977-0467.

Evaluation process

Sport concussion evaluations at TRIA begin with a comprehensive clinical interview to understand your history, symptoms and recovery trajectory. You will undergo physical & neurological exams to asses balance, vestibular and ocular motor function. Computerized neurocognitive testing through ImPACT Application Assessment Tools will help determine injury subtype, prognosis and specific treatment protocols.

Patients will receive a personalized treatment plan specific to their needs.  This includes concussion education and anticipated recovery time with guidelines for school, work and physical activity.  Patients are referred to our specialized treatment areas to ensure a coordinated effort toward recovery.

Patient criteria

Our sport concussion program is offered to athletes ages 5 through 60. This includes individuals who are trying to return to sport participation, recreational physical activity or an active lifestyle after a concussion. 

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