Women’s Sports Medicine

Women’s Sports Medicine

Women’s Sports Medicine at TRIA Woodbury has brought together experts that can care for and are involved in research specific to active and athletic women of ages and abilities – from recreational exercise to competitive athletes. We offer innovative orthopedic and sports medicine care, injury prevention, intervention strategies and surgery geared toward active females and athletes.  

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Specialized and Coordinated Care for Women

While most injuries are related to the demands of the physical activity, rather than the sex of the individual, some injuries are more common in women. Common injuries for women in sports often include ACL tears, kneecap pain and instability and stress fractures. Two main concerns for active women also include how to maintain bone health and how to properly fuel the body to sustain a healthy weight. That’s why we have bone health specialists and a sports-trained registered dietitian available at TRIA Woodbury to allow for easy coordination of care.

Women’s Sports Medicine at TRIA is developed around a navigator model of care. This means an athletic trainer, certified medical assistant or nurse will be there to help guide you through your entire process of care. Your navigator will also educate you about your condition and create an individualized treatment plan catered to your goals.  

Team of Experts

Our providers have extensive experience in evaluating and treating active women with conditions related to bones, joints and muscles. Our team is made up of surgical and non-surgical physicians, physician assistants, occupational therapists and registered dietitians.


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