Amy Hamilton, MA, ATR, ATC, Athletic Trainer, TRIA Orthopaedic Center, Sports Medicine

Amy Hamilton, MA, LAT, ATC

Sports Medicine Program Manager

TRIA Orthopedic Center Bloomington

Being an Athletic Trainer (AT) fulfills my passion for helping people reach their specific athletic goals and live full, active lives. I enjoy working with patients and athletes on ways to improve their performance and prevent injury. To be there if an injury does occur, ensuring they receive appropriate immediate care, as well as to work with them through their rehabilitation, guiding them as they return to what they most love to do is incredibly rewarding. At TRIA my role actively promotes the full sports medicine team which includes many different health care specialists. We work hard to bring the expertise from our clinics out into the community. I am able to help implement and show the value of having an AT on our team and yours!

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