Patient stories

Patient stories

Dave J.

Dr. Steubs performed Rotator Cuff surgery on my right shoulder on 1/13/16. The staff was wonderful before, during, and after the surgery. I want to especially point out the excellent attention I received from Adam Meierbachtol, my Physical Therapist. He is awesome. Due to his efforts (and me following his orders), I was able to rehab quicker than most. While I hope I never have to go thru this procedure again, TRIA was wonderful.

Amanda A.

I injured my knee on a weekend and knew I needed to get in right away but couldn’t decide between urgent care and an ER. But then I remembered hearing about TRIA acute care and figured I might as well give it a shot. It turned out to be the best decision! Everyone I had an encounter with was fabulous and I only wish I could remember names. The person right at the front saw me hobble through the door and came right over with a wheelchair. The check-in staff were so friendly and gave my kids goody-bags to keep them entertained. The rooming staff and nurses were so helpful and patient. The woman that did my MRI talked me through everything and made sure I felt comfortable. Dr. Noll was so friendly and great at explaining everything. I really felt like I was given personalized treatment and was never rushed. And I just spoke with someone in medical records who was also so friendly and was able to help me quickly get my medical records turned over to a surgeon at my regular clinic.  I was in there for three hours total which sounds like it would be awful. But because everyone was so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process and made me feel like my care was important, it ended up being a wonderful visit (or as wonderful as an ACL tear can be anyways!) I have already recommended you to several other people since my visit 2 days ago. Thanks for all that you do! Keep up the great work! 

Susan G.

I just returned from TRIA Orthopedic Acute Injury Clinic in Maple Grove. When I called the nurse line she told me this was my best option for immediate care – I could barely stand on my leg because of the knee arthritis.  My experience at TRIA was wonderful – Dr. Esala was thorough, patient and really gave me the information I needed for next steps. The nurse and front desk staff were “top drawer” in customer service. I asked for a comment card but they did not have any so I told them I would be commenting on your website.

Mary H.

On 12/5 my son and I came in because of an injury from wrestling the night before. From the time we walked in to see Dr. Alexander to our last appt with Dr. Bugbee yesterday we so appreciated the timeliness, information, suggestions and friendliness from everyone. From the moment we walked in to when we walked out the door, the “bedside manner” was amazing. The only reason we switched physicians was because it was hard for me to get him in Monday thru Thurs when Dr Alexander was in, but there was absolutely no lapse in the two Dr’s and I felt good as a mom with their suggestions and prognosis. Thank you, while I hope we don’t have to come back to see you, I know its the first place we will go if the need arises!

Denise B.

My husband and I brought my aunt into TRIA to see Dr. Mark Thomas about revision of a prior knee replacement. He was great! He took all the time needed to discuss options, answer questions, and put my aunt’s mind to rest about the problem. His explanations were clear and to the point. Thank you so much for your help!

Wendy G., Ham Lake, Minnesota

My first visit to Tria was Friday, June 5th. And I have had several other visits since that date. Every one of the staff at TRIA has been wonderful!!! Very friendly and compassionate to the pain I’ve been in. From the doctors, Dr. Heather Thoerner, Dr. ScottWissink, and Dr. Joe Johnson, not to mention the nurses and the others that have helped me…I am referring everyone I know to your facility for the orthopaedic needs! Keep up the GREAT work!! – Wendy G., Ham Lake, MN

Mark W.

My daughter Alexis had battle back issues for over a year and tried everything from meds, the chiropractor, stretching, rest, etc. It was not until we met with Courtney Scott that Alexis felt someone “finally understood” her and what she was going through. Being a gymnast, and Courtney understanding the sport, she instantly had credibility with my daughter when they were talking the lingo of a gymnastics. More to the point, she got to know my daughter by visiting with her and listening to her. Thanks to Courtney Scott’s help Alexis is participating again and having a very enjoyable senior season!

Nick W.

I wanted to provide some feedback on my experience at TRIA this year. This was my second surgery at TRIA and the three people who stick out to me are: Sarah Martin, Dr. Debra Bohn, and Debra Voss who was my hand therapist. All three of these women did beyond a wonderful job working with me and making sure I understood everything. My wife loved Dr. Bohn from my surgery in February of this year. I consider  Sarah Martin my go to person there as she has been more than wonderful to me and she remembered me from five years back when you performed surgery on my right hand removing a cyst. Debra Voss was amazing as she was a great motivator, extremely positive and very instrumental in my recovery. TRIA is a wonderful facility that I would recommend to anyone.  Thank you to everyone there who helped make my experiences at TRIA so wonderful. 

Laura G., Chicago, Illinois

We were in Minnesota for Softball Nationals. My daughter is a pitcher and had an injury during the 4th inning of the first of many games. She experienced a “popping sensation” under her clavicle, followed by severe pain. After being evaluated at the TRIA Mobile onsite, we were referred to the walk-in clinic. We saw Dr. Thoerner, who did a very thorough exam followed by xrays. She was very compassionate and explained everything very well to us. Thankfully, the injury was not as severe as we had initially thought. It was a strain of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, involving the 1st rib. Although my daughter was in a considerable amount of pain, Dr. Thoerner knew how much this trip meant to her, and that we had traveled from Chicago to play softball. Dr. Thoerner and the staff at TRIA, were able to get us an appointment with Shuhei Suzuki that same day for physical therapy. Dr. Thoerner was confident that our daughter might be able to play after some therapy. Our visit with Shuhei was nothing short of a miracle. He listened to everything we described about her injury, her expectations and how she was feeling at the time. My daughter went into the visit with him unable to lift her left arm or rotate it without pain. We left the appointment approximately 90 minutes later completely pain-free!! Shuhei worked on her injured muscle and the supporting muscles and structures until she felt great. He gave us sound advice on how she should care for her injury for the remainder of the weekend and after we returned home. Because of him, she was able to pitch the rest of the weekend and her team was very successful at Nationals!! Thank you TRIA, Dr. Thoerner and Shuhei Suzuki!!

Linda S.

I was not diagnosed properly with my achilles tendon injury which lead to a rupture,went to see Dr. Mazzuca,who was very personable and amazing. He knew exactly what was wrong , did not waste time and ordered a MRI, then surgery. I felt very safe and well taken care of by Dr. Mazzuca and his staff. The wonderful Thank you card from the staff at TRIA was icing on the cake. I have a long road to recovery and am looking forward to my future appointments at TRIA. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!! 

Shelley H., Minneapolis, Minnesota

On Aug. 7 I fell off my bike. I felt pretty foolish and was in a great deal of pain. I knew I needed to be seen by medical professionals as soon as I could get there. When I got to TRIA, I was asked if I needed a wheelchair, which I didn’t, but the sweet receptionist did get me some tea and an ice bag. My first encounter with medical staff was with Sarah Ornat. She was so sweet and patient with me. She helped me get ready to have my shoulder x-rayed and couldn’t have been nicer and understanding while helping me get undressed. I was pretty embarrassed at this point, but she was great. Secondly, I met Abby Mumm in x ray. She is a doll. I was hurting quite a bit, and she helped me move in various positions easily and gently, so the x rays could be taken. She is gentle and oh so kind. Next, I met Dr. Bugbee, who very patiently showed me my x rays and explained how I was to proceed for the next couple of weeks. He was a sweetheart too. He told me I had every right to be in that much pain. Whew! I returned two weeks later and met Travis Gunderson before I met Dr. Walsh. Again, I got to see Abby for more x rays. Lucky me!! Dr. Walsh was equally as kind and gentle as all the other providers I met. I know I sound redundant, but everyone at TRIA, where I have been treated before, is kind, patient and understanding with me. I can’t reiterate enough how much I appreciate those who are maybe just doing their jobs. To me, they are providing care and consideration to a very relieved patient. 

Jennifer D.

I have been a patient at TRIA for the last few years and have ALWAYS had amazing care. But today was so amazing I had to share my story. I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on 8/4  and was scheduled to get my stitches out on 8/17 but was taking my girls to the indoor park in Edina so wanted to see if the AIC hand therapist could fit me in fully expecting them to either say that it was not possible or would be a long wait. The AIC manager on duty was also a hand therapist and seeing that I had my 2 girls with me (ages 6 and 11 months) she said she would take care of me herself and apologized that she may get called away if there was a problem. My older daughter was a little worried about seeing her mommy get her stitches out so she was set up with crayons and a coloring book to work at at another desk. Got all of my after care instructions and exercise routine in the clear, understandable, and caring manner that I have come to expect from TRIA. Thank you so much for the amazing service today. and for being there when ever we have needed you

Robb W, New Jersey

Happy New Year! Here I am again! Every morning the national TV station I watch has Minneapolis identified with its current temperature. I do not envy you people and I am certainly happy that I had my surgery on October 12th!! Attached is my final PT Progress report as of 12/16/15 when I was released. I had an appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon this morning who has seen me one additional time prior to this morning since my surgery. I am happy to report that my strength was excellent and my ROM was at 100%, even the ability to reach the middle of my back it is even a  little better than I can with my left arm. My current physician’s comment to me was “my hat is off to Dr. Craig for his exceptional ability and talent. It is the most successful shoulder operation and recovery he has seen in his 35 years of practice”. Everyone is astounded when I tell them that I have not had on second of pain since the operation! All I can say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Dr. Craig!!

Kim, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

I visited TRIA for the first time on April 21 for my daughters broken arm. When I walked into the building there was someone to greet us and offer assistance on where we needed to go. When we were shown to the waiting area a nice young woman came out and visited with my daughter and let us know it would be a short wait. My 6 year said, “She was really nice Mom, wasn’t she?” We were then escorted to the Doctors room. They took x-rays after assuring her it wouldn’t hurt and offered her several choices in cast colors. She was very excited to find out they had glow in the dark. They took their time and made her feel special. We left feeling well cared for.Then, one week and a day later I fell down the stairs and couldn’t use my knee. I went to urgent care and they had me follow up with TRIA a week later. I had the exact same positive experience. The women in the clinic were so kind and funny that it made me smile. The doctor was unbelievably real and caring. I did not feel like a number or a job. I felt listened to. Then, I went to get an MRI. Again, I encountered another great receptionist and the gentleman who took my MRI seemed like a friend by the time we were done. Amazing! I’m not sure what you do in your training or if your HR has an uncanny knack for hiring the best of the best but I would have no hesitation in referring clients to your practice. With much gratitude, Kim

Jeff, Woodbury, Minnesota

After countless sleepless nights due to knee pain, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Markman. My recently retired orthopaedic surgeon recommended him to me. Dr. Markman wasted no time in trying to diagnose the source of my pain. I was scheduled for an MRI and the results showed multiple issues. Soon after, Dr. Markman performed surgery on my knee. Though the recovery will take time, I am pain free. What impresses me about Dr. Markman is that he listens to me and cares about what I have to say. He never seems to be in a hurry to leave the exam room. His communication with me has been great. I never feel like I am in the dark about the status of my health. He has been a great physician for me, and I would recommend him to anyone that needs care.

Christine S. 

Erin Mack has been such a great help to me! I had worked with Erin Mack last fall (2014) for an unrelated work injury. I had only met with her a few times and from the exercises and education she gave me, my hand/arm inflammation got better. However, in Jan. 2015 I fell on my right hand and left arm at work. After having my right hand come out of a cast at the end of March, I started working with Erin again. Between April and July I learned so much from her. She helped me get back to normalcy and to live in my daily life without pain! I never knew the extent that soft tissues and ligaments play in movement, and that without movement you lose ALL flexibility. She discovered what the pain was in my left arm when the doctor wasn’t sure. She did techniques I’d never heard of and/or were hesitant about trying: ultrasound heat, kinesiotape and the Hybresis battery patch for my left arm. For my hand that had been in the cast, she taught me to be patient with the healing of it. She heated it, stretched it and showed me good exercises. I wish all healthcare professionals were like her.  

Andrea, Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Everyone was amazing, from the moment I walked through the doors, I felt like I was cared for and special. I don’t like doctors at all, in fact I have a huge phobia and rarely go to a clinic unless I’m on my death bed. Or have a broken limb, which happened to be my problem. Sarah Martin was wonderful and smart and I appreciate a young female in a typically male-dominated role. I’ll be recommending this facility to my friends who may have the unfortunate need of a visit in the future. The only thing that was a bit distressing to me is that there were only two gals running the reception desk when I checked in, and the line was long and winding around the escalator. These girls did an amazing job and kept their heads about them under pressure, but you should definitely reconsider staffing needs in this area. These poor girls seemed like they were put through the wringer and they needed help! Next time when they are less busy I’ll try to entice them and lure them to a job in my office, I would be more than happy to pamper them and treat them like they should be treated. Overall, Bravo, a job well done, I was more than impressed with this facility! I may have to reconsider my fear of doctors now!

Victor D.

Dr. Mark Thomas has performed three arthroscopic surgeries on my knees, and is currently treating me for additional knee issues, and some shoulder issues. He has a wonderful manner about him. He listens to what you have to say and as a 71 year old man I highly appreciate his attentiveness.  

Pat H., Minneapolis, Minnesota

I was so impressed by the staff at TRIA. Obviously, they do not hire anyone that is not very impressive both in their perspective fields and personality. This is what is missing in most healthcare facilities. People that love what they do and more importantly care about the people they are doing if for. I will be telling anyone that cares to listen what a great place TRIA is.

Steven O., Prior Lake, Minnesota

I was expecting the normal RX treatment at TRIA. From the second I walked in the door people actually took me where I needed to go instead of just telling me. After I got my cast on the lady who put it on heard me talking about getting a cast protector for bathing needs. She actually rolled me to the gift shop help me find the one I needed. Amazing!!!! She took her very valuable time to make sure I was set. Very friendly and explained everything and what to expect with all procedures and visits. I wish more places were like your facility and my Wife agrees you guys are the best and (friendly….I can’t express how comfortable they make you). I was treated like a person and not just another medical case. I would recommend TRIA to everyone I know and return there for future needs (hopefully not needed though). Also after a few days I received a get well card signed personally from the crew that handled me during surgery. Very nice touch.

Larry R., Andover, Minnesota

Dr. Aamoth was very thorough in his assessment and listened to us, our son’s history and our concerns for our son. He explained things very well and talked of different types of treatments/upsides and downsides. He asked what we wanted out of this visit and whether or not we were satisfied. He told us what he would do if it were his son and that phrase hits home as a parent. He, also, graciously said that he wouldn’t disagree to us wanting a second opinion by another doctor when we talked of a fellow Orthopedic colleague of his with which we already had set up an appointment (not associated with TRIA whatsoever.) We were quite satisfied with our first time encounter with Dr. Aamoth and would highly recommend him to anyone with orthopedic concerns (and probably various other ones.) Most importantly, our son was very much pleased with the visit and said, “I really liked the guy.” He discussed short-term usage with Cortisone shots and long-term treatments with Ibuprofen or Advil. He diagrammed for us bone vs. tissue injuries and the ‘where’s,’ ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of pain/injuries and their particular drawbacks.

Susan S., Bemidji, Minnesota

After having dealt with my son’s shoulder injury for over a year with no success where we live, we were finally directed to TRIA where we had the best experience ever. Everyone there is so kind and helpful and the doctors are fantastic. Dr. Nelson took the time to explain everything to us so we would know exactly what to expect when it came to our son’s surgery and expectations during rehab. The nursing staff was excellent and even called us on our way home the following day after surgery to make sure things were going okay. We were always made to feel like my son’s care was important to everyone there and we were not just a number. Dr. Nelson and all the staff will always be remembered fondly by my entire family, especially my 16 year old who will finally be able to get back to wrestling this year thanks to TRIA’s excellent care. Thank you Dr. Nelson and everyone at TRIA who was so wonderful with Colton. We can never repay you for what you have given back to our son.

Robert L., Minnetonka, Minnesota

I was very satisfied and impressed by the service available at TRIA. It was helpful to be met at entrance by a friendly person who directed me where I needed to go. Great to be able to able to get service without an appointment. Very well served by Dr. Moore and therapist Erin Mack.

Sandy E., New Prague, Minnesota

TRIA was an awesome experience for me. It was conveniently located. I felt welcomed upon entering. Finding my doctors office was easy as well. Check in was fast and my wait time to see the doctor was minimal. But the best parts of my visits were with Erin Mack. She was so comforting, welcoming, and knowledgeable. She brought everything to my level so I could understand what had happened to me, and what our plan of attack was to get me back to better health. You could tell she enjoyed her job. She made me ponder becoming a hand therapist myself!

Scott L., Edina, Minnesota

I am impressed with the outstanding care I have received from Drs. Walsh and Aadalen, but also with the entire TRIA staff and facility. The environment is warm and welcoming from the moment I enter the building. The lighting, openness, and cheerfulness of the personnel are immediately calming & inviting. All personnel have greeted me warmly, and I really feel “taken care of.” I feel I am treated and respected as an individual human, rather than “Patient No. __”. Kudos to those who created this concept of care and to all who implement it so well. I highly recommend TRIA


I had a rotator cuff repair in January by Dr. Michael Walsh. What an outstanding team I had at TRIA! Of course, Dr. Walsh is the best- but everyone knows that already, right?! I would also like to commend pre-op RN’s Pam and Gina and all the ancillary pre-op staff who were so kind to me during the delay before surgery. Pam was just wonderful. Dr. Ahlers made the block ( which I was a bit anxious about), a non- event. My anesthetist, Andrew, was so sweet and so reassuring. Bill Johnson, who was not directly involved in my care, saw my partner in the hall and visited with us quite awhile. He actually told me more of what would happen than anyone else did and that was quite comforting to know. He was great! Joyce in post-op was so thorough and gentle and Michelle, transport, was also kind.  Last but certainly not least and maybe most important of all has been Dr. Walsh’s administrative assistant Shawntel. I have had to have a FMLA from my RN job and it has been one issue after another that I have had to contact Shawntel about (we’re getting to know each other well!). She is amazingly efficient and responsive to every phone call. Shockingly, she always gets right back to me, gets forms filled out and re- filled out over and over, faxes, sends me hard copies, etc, etc. I can’t even express how great she’s been through this stressful time.  Thanks again to everyone. My experience at TRIA far exceeded my expectations.

Jonathan M., Edina, Minnesota

I’ve just returned home from one of the most astonishing experiences I’ve ever had. After feeling disappointed with just about every contact I’ve had with the medical establishment for many years, I’ve just experienced the the most satisfying professional visit possible. I hobbled in on crutches and was met at the door by a cheerful greeter who furnished me with a wheelchair and wheeled me up to check-in. After almost no wait at all, I was seen by a nurse, then a physician, and then the supervising physician. All listened, did not interrupt, and included my opinions and needs in their treatment plan. I did not think this level of compassion, expertise, and efficiency existed anymore in any part of our health care system. Thank you for the experience, it was truly the best ever.


Brigitte H., Eden Prairie, MN.

It probably was not a well-kept secret on my part that I was nervous before my procedure. But thanks to Dr. Mazzuca and the wonderful staff at TRIA my worries we laid to rest as soon as as I checked in for surgery. Marisela at the reception desk and the nurse, Jill, who got me settled in the pre-op waiting room were so kind and reassuring. Anesthesiologists Dr. Swaim took extra time to explain the sedation that was ordered for me. Technician Chris easily and painlessly found my vein. Another nurse, Jill, made sure I kept comfortable with the warm air blanket while I was waiting to be wheeled into the OR. Anesthesia nurse, Carol, thankfully started the sedation so I didn’t remember a thing other than the door of the pre-op room opening and being rolled out into the corridor. All of a sudden I woke up in recovery where nurse Deb gave me clear and detailed instructions how to care for my foot once I was released. A couple weeks later I met with nurse Helen who skillfully removed my sutures in the blink of an eye. I again wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your staff. – Brigitte H, Eden Prairie, MN