Community , Programs | August 12th, 2019

TRIA’s social story: giving kids courage for the clinic

When a child has a broken bone or another injury, getting an...

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Community | July 29th, 2019

TRIA and the circus

Flips, aerial stunts and acrobatics are just a few of the physical...

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Uncategorized | July 15th, 2019

Mental Training and Preparation for Sport Competition

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.” – Marcus Aurelius Athletes...

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Activities , Conditions | June 24th, 2019

Tennis elbow vs. golfer’s elbow. Different conditions, same treatment.

by Reggie Ronning, MS, LAT, ATC There are many common misconceptions when...

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Uncategorized | June 12th, 2019

Three factors for active women to watch out for

By Jillian Tholen, MS, RDN, LD Whether you’re a weekend warrior or...

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Dr. Heather Bergeson putting arm brace on a child, TRIA Kids
Activities , Community | May 31st, 2019

Helping kids cope with injuries

Bruised elbows and skinned knees are a part of nearly every kid’s...

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