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Patient Story | July 9th, 2018

Debra’s Story

Debra Ziemann has been an athlete for much of her life. She...

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Activities | July 5th, 2018

Powering up for a marathon

What’s best to eat and drink during each stage of training Completing...

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Pond Hockey, Medical Coverage, TRIA Orthopaedic Center, Partner, Hockey
Patient Story | June 29th, 2018

Scott’s Story

In the final game of the season for the Mounds View High...

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Activities | June 29th, 2018

Extreme Sport Injuries

Every year, some of the most extreme athletes from around the world...

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soccer program, tria orthopaedic center
Programs | June 25th, 2018

TRIA physical therapists attend Football Medicine conference in Spain

The physical demands of soccer are different from most other sports. Players...

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Patient Story | June 25th, 2018

Christian’s Story

At age 13, Christian Koenig is a dedicated baseball player for the...

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