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Scott’s Story

In the final game of the season for the Mounds View High School boys’ hockey team, junior Scott Jiskra finished with one goal and two assists despite a knee injury that would sideline him for the next several months.

Near the end of the first period, Scott took a light check toward the boards, and his knee took the brunt of the collision. It hurt, but after intermission, he was back on the ice and helping the team come from behind to earn an eventual tie.

After icing his knee for a few days, the injury didn’t seem to be getting better. Scott made an appointment with Steven Greer, MD, a sports medicine physician at TRIA’s St. Paul clinic to get it checked out further. Dr. Greer ordered an MRI. When the results showed a more serious injury, he referred Scott to TRIA orthopedic surgeon Joel Boyd, MD.

Dr. Boyd delivered the bad news. Scott had a partial quad tear from the tendon in his right leg and a torn meniscus. Dr. Boyd has been team physician for the Minnesota Wild since their first season in 2000, so he’s treated a fair amount of knee injuries in hockey players. This injury wasn’t very common, but Dr. Boyd worked with Scott and his family to come up with a plan they all hoped would have him back on the ice for his senior season.

Scott Jirska and PT Justin at TRIA RinkScott had surgery at the TRIA Orthopedic Center in Bloomington over his spring break. One week later, he began working with TRIA physical therapist Justin Nicol back in St. Paul to start the rehabilitation process. Justin plays, coaches and teaches hockey, giving him a unique perspective on the demands of the sport. He also has the benefit of working in the St. Paul clinic, which is just a few floors below the Minnesota Wild’s new practice facility, TRIA Rink.

As Scott’s rehab progressed, Justin and Dr. Boyd came up with an idea to help him safely return to the ice. Thanks to TRIA’s partnership with the Wild, Justin was able to secure ice time for their last few appointments. On May 31, Scott and Justin laced up their skates. Scott’s mom, Monica, watched anxiously from the stands as Justin guided Scott through a series of on-ice exercises to help him strengthen his muscles and regain his confidence.

“Being able to use the TRIA Rink during some of Scott’s appointments has been amazing,” said Justin. “It’s a great way to see how he has progressed back onto the ice.”

Their goal was that after a few more on-ice physical therapy sessions and a final check-in with Dr. Boyd, Scott would be cleared to play. So far, everything appears to be on track for Scott to join his team for his senior season.

“We feel like we had the dream team, with Dr. Greer, Dr. Boyd and Justin,” Monica says. “It’s comforting to know you’re getting care from the very best. We love TRIA!”

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