Joint care

Joint care

Important information during COVID-19

If you need care, don’t delay. We’re open and ready to care for you, with rigorous safety and cleaning protocols in place to help keep you healthy. Convenient care is also available in many ways, including phone and video visits.

For more information on COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 information page.

We provide knee, hip and other joint replacements for those struggling with pain, stiffness and deformity. Whether you’ve been injured or have an arthritic condition, a total joint replacement can increase your mobility and make everyday activities easier.

Joint replacement procedures are much less invasive than they once were. Incisions are smaller, and fewer muscles and tendons are disrupted. You can enjoy a quicker recovery while experiencing less pain and fewer complications.

Our expert care and services include:

  • Non-surgical care consultations, including physical therapy, medications, braces, canes and injections
  • Highly trained surgeons from acclaimed residency and fellowship programs
  • Leading edge, proven surgical techniques and comprehensive care
  • Total ankle, knee, hip and shoulder replacements
  • TRIA Hotel Recovery Program and direct-to-home discharge options for approved patients

Types of joint replacement surgeries

TRIA offers all types of total joint replacement surgeries including:

Knee replacement

Hip replacement

Shoulder replacement


What makes TRIA different?

We want you to be worry free so you can focus on achieving your best outcome. Here are a few ways we make things simpler for our patients:

More options for your recovery

We call it the 3Hs – hospital, hotel or home. Most patients choose to go straight home after surgery if they meet the criteria and their insurance covers it. If you’d like to recover at the hospital, that’s great. You still can.

But if you’d rather recover at a nearby hotel, away from the noise and foot traffic, you can do that too provided you meet the criteria. Many patients choose our Hotel Recovery Program because it’s less expensive than staying in a hospital room. And because everything is included in your bundled price, there’s no out-of-pocket cost either.

If the hotel or home recovery option interests you, we can help you determine whether you meet the qualification criteria.

Trusted experts

Choose from surgeons considered among the best not just in Minnesota, but the entire Midwest. One year after surgery, 97% of our knee replacement patients reported walking downstairs with little to no difficulty and 96% of our hip replacement patients reported walking with little to no hip pain. 

You won’t be pushed toward surgery

You’ll get an accurate diagnosis and expert answers to help you decide what’s best for you. In many cases, we work with you to explore non-surgical treatment options before recommending surgery.

One bill for everything

No more managing a bunch of bills. Everything related to your surgery – anesthesia, assistive equipment, post-operative visits and physical therapy – is included in your single, bundled price for total joint surgery.

Hear from patients who have had a hip or knee replacement

Getting started

Not sure if a joint replacement is right for you? Check out our guide to joint replacements, featuring short informational videos with some of our talented orthopedic surgeons. If you’re ready to explore your options or you have a specific question, we’re here to help. Schedule an appointment online or call 952-831-8742.