Blood flow restriction

Blood flow restriction

Blood flow restriction (BFR) is a technique that uses a cuff to control the blood flow in certain areas of the body during exercise. The cuff is either placed on the upper arm or upper leg. The placement of the cuff is dependent on the area. When a person exercises with reduced blood flow the muscle works with a lower oxygen supply. This in turn will make your body think it is working harder than it is. And increase hormone production, which is a proven way to build muscle and repair tissues.

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Discuss with your physical therapist, athletic trainer or physician to determine if this treatment option is right for you.

Who can we help?

BFR can be used on almost any upper body or lower body injury/surgery. We will use it with surgical or non-surgical patients to help with their recovery and decrease pain without increasing the stress on their injured area. 

Patients recovering from a surgical or non-surgical upper or lower body injury can use BFR. This technique helps recovery and decrease pain without increasing stress on the injured area.

What should you expect?

The cuff is similar to a strong blood pressure cuff that is put on either your upper arm or upper thigh. The device measures the amount of pressure required to execute the treatment for each individual. While the pressure is on, patients perform specific exercises. The goal is to tire the area to stimulate the body’s natural healing and building capabilities. Patients may experience limb fatigue 20 – 30 minutes after their treatment session. Or muscle soreness may occur one to three days after their session.

Benefits of blood flow restriction

With BFR individuals can lift significantly lighter weight while still creating a hypertrophy affect or muscle growth. Resulting in strength gains. Research shows BFR has a positive effect on reducing pain. One area it is most noticeable is in the knees following treatment.

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