Fall Prevention and Balance Program

Fall Prevention and Balance Program

Fall Prevention and Balance Services

At TRIA we are committed to caring for elderly adults in our community. We recognize that 1 in 3 elderly adults over 65 years of age will fall. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries and make up 61% of fractures a year. TRIA is committed not only to excellent orthopedic care, but we also have a strong commitment to prevention of injuries such as fractures. TRIA now has services to help adults over 65 years of age by preventing falls and to improve the fear of falling through balance and exercise training. Fall and injury prevention is a great way to improve one’s lifestyle and activity level.

Am I a candidate for fall prevention and balance services?

TRIA has recognized specific factors that will increase the risk for falling.  Below are a few factors that increase your risk of falling and risk of injuries from a fall such as a fracture.

  • Are you over 65 years of age?
  • Are you afraid of falling?
  • Have you fallen over in the past 12 months?
  • Do you feel weak and unsteady while moving?
  • Have you had a knee or hip replacement in the past year?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions you may benefit from the program to reduce your risk of falling.

What does the Fall Prevention and Balance Service include?

  • You will meet with a physician for an evaluation and obtain a prescription for the fall prevention and balance services
  • Call TRIA at 952-831-8742 for a 60 minute evaluation by a physical therapist
  • Evaluation will include: identification of fall/injury risk factors, measurement of your risk of falling and a physical examination of strength, motion, and balance.
  • Typical program is 60 minute sessions with a physical therapist working on strengthening, balance re-training and walking.

Your health and preventing injuries is important to TRIA, as we realize that by reducing falls we are helping elderly adults in our community enjoy a healthier and  more active lifestyle!

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