Patellofemoral program

Patellofemoral program

The patellofemoral program at TRIA is designed to treat instability of the kneecap (patella) and/or pain behind or around the patella. Even if you’ve had treatment for your knee instability/pain in the past, our comprehensive patellofemoral program may be just what you need. Combining patient education with leg evaluation, a multi-faceted approach is typically used including quadriceps and gluteal exercises, stretching, massage, patellar mobilization, patellar taping, and instruction in proper jumping and squatting mechanics.¹ This approach has often proved to be successful.²,³,4

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Learn more about the patellofemoral program at TRIA from  the program lead Rachel Hakanson, PT, DPT, OCS and Marc Tompkins, MD.

Program components

TRIA has a unique collaboration of physicians and physical therapists with enhanced expertise in patellofemoral pain (PFP) patellofemoral (PF) instability. Our physicians are actively involved in the ongoing research in patellofemoral pathology and sought after as speakers on the topic.

For the past several years, a select group of physical therapists have been working alongside PF physicians, collaborating with the physician during patient visits, observing surgery, as well as obtaining continuing education specific to the patellofemoral joint.

We have “PF clinic”, in which a patient with a PF diagnosis is evaluated both by a physician and physical therapist, separate or together, depending on the need. Patient satisfaction with this comprehensive approach has been very positive; patients (and their parents) have expressed that their needs are being addressed and appreciate the collaboration among their providers. We as providers have also found this partnership beneficial, as it enables good communication, as well as providing an excellent learning opportunity among medical providers.

If you’ve sustained an acute injury, we’ll help to manage the acute injury in the initial phase, assess body movement patterns and sport technique in the mid-phase, and have a regimented approach to functional testing before clearance to return to a sports. For those patients that travel a distance to see us, we will work with local physical therapists and physicians in your area to provide optimal care.

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