Running program

Running program

Who can we help?

The running program at TRIA is designed to assist all runners whether recreational or competitive in managing their current injuries and preventing future injuries.  We value a collaborative approach working together with physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers to deliver the care you need.

Who are we?

Our team of physical therapists is passionate about running and understand the unique challenges an injured runner is up against. We have advanced training in treating running injuries and have in-depth understanding of running biomechanics and its relationship to injury. Our focus is to stay current on best practice and emerging research in treating running related injuries to provide the best care of our patients.


Learn more about the running program from the program lead Ben Maschke, PT, DPT, OCS.

What can we do?

Up to eighty percent of runners develop pain which may interrupt their training.  This pain may be a product of multiple contributing factors.  Our physical therapists are trained to look at the entire body’s structure, strength, and flexibility and analyze how those factors may affect a patient’s ability to run leading to poor performance and injury.  Following the physical examination, runners can expect feedback and specific guidelines to address factors that may impact their ability to run. The physical therapists involved in TRIA’s running program are also trained to film and analyze running in slow motion.  There is increasing evidence that running technique may play a role in the development and treatment of injuries. Video analysis software is used to quantify subtle deficits in running mechanics.  This video analysis also provides a foundation for therapists to help runners modify their form in real time in order to decrease pain as well as improve performance.

What should you expect?

At the beginning of your first appointment we will talk to you about your current injury, past injuries, and your goals related to running and training.  A physical examination of your body will be performed to identify any areas of your body that may benefit from strengthening, stretching or coordination exercises. A video running gait analysis will also be performed to identify running techniques that should help you run with less pain.  Hands on manual therapy techniques may also be used to facilitate your rehabilitation.  We also can talk to you about your footwear and orthotics and how they also may influence your running.  After the initial evaluation is performed you should leave with an individualized plan designed to address your current needs setting you up to reach your long term goals.

What to bring?

Please wear running shorts and running top.  Wear your usual running shoes, and if you use orthotics bring those as well. Whether you are training for your first 5K or are a seasoned marathoner, TRIA physical therapists will work together with you to design a plan aimed at achieving your running goals.


Lauren Loberg, PT, DPT, OCS created a Pilates Principles for Runners program which utilizes principles from Pilates to strengthen and provide awareness to foot and ankle postures.

Runner’s Pilates Based PERFORM Series

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