Return to soccer program

Return to soccer program

The return to soccer program at TRIA is designed to assist all soccer players, from recreational to professional, in managing their current injuries and returning them to the field with confidence.

Soccer injuries commonly sideline athletes and lead to compensations or pain upon return to play. Our goal is to identify the specific needs of each athlete and progress them appropriately through a comprehensive program until they are ready to return to play at speed with control and confidence.

Patients will be seen one-on-one with a member of the team as we incorporate soccer specific training with agility, strength and speed into your rehabilitation program.

Program components

  • Initial evaluation: history, interview, and physical examination to identify specific needs
  • Treatments:
    • Soccer specific neuromuscular re-education
    • Manual therapy
    • Proprioceptive and strength exercises
    • Soccer specific agility and sprint training necessary for two-way play
  • Biomechanical kicking analysis and cutting analysis (on and off ball), with modification of mechanics as necessary to reduce pain and risk of injury while improving efficiency of movement
  • Training in FIFA 11+ warm up program: created by F-MARC of FIFA to be performed prior to games and practices and shown decreased risk of injury 30-50% compared to standard warm ups
  • Phasic and progressive functional testing to determine the appropriate stage of training and return to soccer.

What you need to bring

  • Workout clothes
  • Indoor shoes (able to kick a soccer ball with)

For more information or to schedule a soccer evaluation, call 952-806-5616.

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