Return to throwing program

Return to throwing program

The return to throwing program at TRIA is designed to assist all throwers, whether recreational or competitive, in managing their current injuries and preventing future injuries.

Return to throwing

TRIA offers a comprehensive program, which includes collaboration between your physician, physical therapist and athletic trainer. A biomechanical video analysis of your throwing motion is recommended as a part of the return to throwing program. Mechanical dysfunctions commonly result in recurrent injury. Schedule your appointment with the TRIA physical therapy department to get back on the field pain-free.


Program components

  • Initial evaluation: history, interview, physical examination, and initiation of treatment
  • Treatments: including (but not limited to) manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, proprioceptive and strength exercises, modalities, a home exercise program and neuromuscular re-education
  • Additional screenings:
    • Functional Movement Screen – a test to look at whole body movements and how efficiently the body performs them.
    • Upper Extremity Functional Test – a close look at how the upper extremity and core work together.
  • Biomechanical throwing analysis: identify faulty throwing mechanics
  • Modification of throwing mechanics: treatments designed to improve faulty throwing mechanics

Throwing analysisTRIA-1929

Physical therapists and athletic trainers from the Return to Throwing program are trained to film and analyze your throwing on digital video. Dartfish video analysis software is used to identify subtle deficits in throwing mechanics. The video analysis also provides a foundation for staff to make modifications to your throwing form in real time in order to decrease pain, as well as improve performance.

Bloomington return to throwing team

A TRIA physical therapist and athletic trainer will work together with you to design a plan aimed at achieving your throwing goals.

Woodbury Return to Throwing Program Team

For more information or to schedule a throwing evaluation, call 952-806-5616.