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Wrist Injuries in Hockey

In the state of hockey, players are no strangers to injuries. From the cuts and scrapes to broken bones, it’s part of the game. But wrist injuries are a little less common in hockey. We sat down with Adam Jansen, a hand therapist at TRIA Bloomington, to talk about treatment and prevention.

What are common hand and wrist injuries for hockey players?

We see a variety of hand and wrist injuries for hockey players. Most tend to be fractures, dislocations, sprains and pain above the wrist on the small finger side.

What are some treatment options for these injuries?

We work closely with our physicians to determine the best treatment option. For hand and wrist injuries, this often includes custom splinting or casting, which could allow the athlete to return to the ice with protection. We also may show the patient exercises or activity modifications, depending on their functional needs. 

Is there any way to prevent hand and wrist injuries for hockey players?

Aside from completely refraining from contact with other players, sticks, the boards or the puck, there is no definitive way to prevent these injuries for hockey players.  Of course, being mindful of hand and wrist positioning during strenuous or harmful encounters in practice or a game is always encouraged.

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